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Fork in the Road


Time wears a trail in the mind; a thoroughfare through the heart. Journeying life’s coastlines and mountainous terrains implants within the soul just how frequently the scene can change; how unpredictable the road can be over the next horizon. How many trails have been laden in tears of blood? How many miles of pathways have been pioneered, leaving faded smiles, facaded love, and lasting wounds where integrity, trust and hope have fallen to the wayside like breadcrumbs, awaiting to be devoured from starving encroached predators? Yet, through storms, dense fogs and path altering winds, here I find myself. Void of a roadmap, deficient in direction, standing at my fork in the road. Do I turn around and retrace my tracks and hope to stumble upon that once transient paradise? Praying that this time, if and when it appears, I commit and plant my roots? Or do I move forward, choosing at random a blind path, an unpredictable destination where each step comes with a blind anticipation for a solid, founded landing?  A difficult decision; a life altering choice which keeps me frozen at this fork in the road. Life’s exploration reaps rewards and consequences. The full deck lays spread before me. Options, alternatives, strategies are all analyzed; still, uncertainty stands before me like a huge mountain, blocking my clarity as to what awaits me around the next bend. Time moves on, the suns setting is imminent, but here at this fork in the road is where I remain. Head low, I reflect on the journeys embarked by those before me, the messages they left behind; the warnings they encouraged me to watch for. I attempt to make sense of the right turns they made and how to ascertain how to steer clear of the dead ends that meant the demise of so I understand the path of least resistance does not exist. The road less traveled beckons, but it is the commitment and uncertainty of the journey I fear. Still, a choice must be made. To remain dormant would mean my failure, for complete I’d never be and the true letter of my legacy would remain a mystery that would fade into anonymity. If I am a guide for future travelers, the map I leave behind for them will leave no stone unturned. Understanding the reality of the journey at least prepares the mind for the worst, reinforcing the heart for come what may. So now, in prayer and in faith my journey ensues, leaving behind the transitory reprieve of this fork in the road.




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